February 23, 2013


I love the yin and yang of life.  Every time I feel like my buddy isn't making significant progress, he goes and proves me wrong.  We signed up for a music therapy class through the CT Down syndrome Congress.  Wouldn't you know, my buddy was a model student.

He sat.  That deserves its own special recognition.  He sat.  For the whole hour long class.  He followed directions - playing the instrument quietly, fast, high, etc.  He answered questions.  He danced, spun and drummed when appropriate.  My buddy could not have done any better.  I was able to attend the class with all three kids and not be stressed when we left. 

I love being able to see him progress and mature.  While I am still secretly petrified about my buddy starting Kindergarten in the fall, I will try and not think of that now and just celebrate how awesome he was today. 

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  1. Great blog, Elena! Those moments are wonderful ones! And it sounds like a great class!!!