May 22, 2013


Some days I get in a funk and little things will set me off.  Like the article in Parenting about how to raise your boy to be a man.  What I really need is Special Needs Parenting with articles about how to rock a PPT without pissing off your child's future teacher.  Or how to prepare your typical children for a lifetime of keeping an eye on their brother. 

But then I kick off my woe-is-me underoos and try to have a little fun (and if I can fill the fridge up at the same time - even better).

what her hair looks like when I am too lazy to pull it back

we all love Clover the cow... and ice cream before dinner

My buddy got his assignment for the last Family Project for school.  Ask your child what he likes most about school and draw a picture of that.  I will give it a try, but we may "forget" to hand in our last home project.

Monkey bear has sprouted all of a sudden.  She has long, gangly legs with knobby knees that look as awkward as a 9 year old.  Maybe there is an awkward phase that hits at 6 as well.

Rara has mastered sitting up from lying down.  Only took her 11 months.  She used to just lie there like a bump on a log until you sat her up.  She currently is working on pulling herself up to stand.  She practices every chance she gets.

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