June 2, 2013

the beach

We enjoyed a warm day at the beach.  There is a fabulous beach that we gain access to because my buddy has Down syndrome.  It is free and has some necessary beach amenities along with fewer people.  Both my husband and I have on and off reservations about taking advantage of the beach and other things like the special pass at Disney World.

It feels like - no really, we are fine... we don't need your hand out.  I'll admit - I LOVE bypassing all the lines at Disney and I will never go without my buddy in tow.  I like a beach that isn't jam packed with people and has an actual bathroom.

But then I think about the reality of life with my buddy.  There is no way we could have ever brought him to Disney without that pass.  I like that he can totally melt down when it is time to leave the beach and no one looks twice at us.  The reality is that life with my buddy isn't always easy.  Every aspect of our day is a little more of a challenge.  But, of course, there is that unbridled joy.

Who doesn't love a game of chase the wave?

And this little one.  Man does she love doing new things.  She didn't complain even once at the beach.  I could just stare at her in that little bathing suit all day.

She loved every time the waves hit her feet.

I read things about raising a child with special needs and how hard it can be.  I think to myself - it's not all that hard.  I've got everything under control.  Then I think about the therapy, all the doctors appointments, the PPTs, the special chair, how the house is rearranged so it is safe for him, the hours I spend on my knee looking him in the eye trying to get him to listen to me and follow directions and I realize that no one without a special needs child will really understand.  It really is different.  It adds a whole new level to the challenge of parenting.  Much like the beach is exhausting, so is being a mom of a child with special needs.  If only I could nap in the car on the way home...

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