June 17, 2013


This weekend we had a family birthday party for monkey bear and rara.  I love that monkey bear was excited to share her special day with her little sister.  I think she likes not having all the attention on her.  Monkey bear declared that since rara is now 1, she is no longer her baby sister and now just a sister. 

This one opted for her fanciest party dress and pearls.

Monkey bear is getting so big.  My shy little one is slowly coming out of her shell.  She was so nervous going in to Kindergarten.  She started by only talking to a couple little girls and now she shouts greetings to her classmates.  Monkey bear had a speaking part in the Kindergarten play.  She spoke her lines loudly and proudly (even though after she said she liked doing the play better when no one was watching).  She stepped up to the challenge of Kindergarten and kicked its a**.  I couldn't be more proud.

Little rara decided to take her first steps the day of her birthday party.  She is still a ways away from walking, but soon enough she will be a Toddler and no longer a Baby.

cup cake was a big hit

My buddy did a good job at the party.  He actually sat down and played ball with his cousins and took turns.  He lost his mind a little when he was helping the girls open presents.  In the end, he had enough but instead of a complete meltdown, he took himself into a corner with his trucks, turned his back to the party and quietly vroomed.

I didn't get a video of singing Happy birthday and my only candle blowing out photo is blurry but it was a great day... if only they would stop growing so fast.

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