June 24, 2013


The kids had their last day of school.  (Deep breath.  You can make it through the summer.)  As I took some photos to compare to the first day of school, I was floored at how much they have grown.

Here's the First Day of School:

My buddy wasn't going to school until the afternoon but wanted to wear his sister's backpack anyway.

 Monkey bear was so scared and excited.  Rara was so little.  My buddy still had some baby chub.  Fast forward 180 school days (that's about 500 times I drove to Snow school!).

I really want to have a summer of fun.  I decided to throw caution to the wind and cancelled my buddy's speech therapy for the summer.  He's only made a tiny bit of progress in the last year but more importantly, he hates going.  He refuses to work - only doing maybe 10 minutes of actual work.  He comes out like a bear - throwing things, pushing kids, kicking me.  The usual exit is rara under one arm and a flailing my buddy under the other arm.  It's not fun for any of us.

I will work with him and he will get a few weeks of summer school with speech therapy and then before I know it, it will be the fall.  My buddy will be in full day kindergarten with speech therapy every day.  Hopefully he will start the year fresh and ready to work.

I am still trying to figure out where I can take the kids myself and keep them all safe and happy.  I'm sure we will have some adventures.  I do know that wherever we go, this one will be all smiles:

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