November 3, 2013

sibling love

My buddy and big sis are just 15 months apart.  I really wanted kids close in age so they could be best buds and developmentally into the same toys/classes/etc at the same time.  I figured since I was neck deep in baby, what's one more?  Of course, I didn't know what I was getting myself into.

One worry when you hear the words Down syndrome is for the sibling.  Will they feel burdened or embarrassed?  Will they still have a sibling relationship?  Of course we put all our preconceived ideas of what a child with Down syndrome is like onto the sibling.

Big sis and my buddy have the best relationship.  They play games together and want to do what the other one is doing.  They miss each other during school.  The smile they give each other when they are finally reunited is heart warming.

Big sis doesn't know life without my buddy and without Ds.  Having therapists come to the house was a norm for her.  Learning sign language so we could communicate better just came naturally.  They really do have the sweetest relationship.  I like to try and talk to big sis about my buddy but try not to focus too much attention on his differences.  Two recent conversations went like this:

Me:  Do you think my buddy has taught you anything?
Her: He taught me to be more brave and not to be afraid of dogs.

Me: Do you think my buddy is different or just like other kids?
Her: He's different.
Me: Why?
Her: Well he can't talk like other kids and he gets really frustrated a lot.
Me: Do you wish he was just like the other kids?
Her: No, I love him the way he is.

She truly does love him just the way he is.   And his love for her is pure and beautiful.

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