November 6, 2013


Rara is not quite a year and a half old.  I really had forgotten how much fun this age is... or maybe I never appreciated it before.  When big sis was this age, I was dealing with a newborn.  My buddy hit milestones at his own rate - and never all at the same time - so he was never like this.

Rara can communicate most of her needs.  She is really funny.  She's shy around strangers but outgoing at home.  Your heart melts with just one of her smiles.  She is fearless.  Rara really is good company.  She has this baby that she drags around with her everywhere.  The doll has become - 'favorite baby.'  Don't even think about putting clothes on that baby either.  Rara will shout, "OFF" until she is naked once more.

Rara will let me pull her hair back.  Then a couple of minutes later, after I'm feeling all smug like I finally did it, she will pull the elastic or barrette out while laughing and running away.  She is a dickens.  And now her hair hangs in her eyes all day long.  Although, I do like watching her little hands push the hair out of her face.

When you ask her a question, she will answer with an adorable, "uh-huh or no."  Big sis loves to ask her a ton of questions and see what the answer will be.  We usually end up in hysterics.  Rara can't say big sis' name so she calls her Mama or Dada and then laughs.  Rara is the only one in the house that searches out the dog just to play with her.  

Even more than the dog, rara loves her Daddy.  When daddy is home, no one else will do.  She won't let me pick her up or put her to bed.  She follows him around never taking her eyes off of him.  It is the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

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