December 11, 2013


Warning: There will be poop in this post - a lot of it.  It is unavoidable.

I've spent almost a year trying to figure out what was causing my buddy to have such horrible loose poop.  I tried lots of things.  I met with a dismissive GI nurse practitioner who said she was fine with chronic peanut butter consistency poop and suggested Metamucil and mentioned that once he is potty trained it most likely won't be an issue.  I listened to many different doctors and did research on my own.  I finally found something that worked.

I took the advice of my favorite doctor that just happened to coincide with something I've been wanting to do anyway.  I cut out processed foods.  Not 100%.  Personally I'm more of an 80 - 90% girl.  It's too hard to do anything 100%.  I am just not that perfect.

I don't buy anything unless I know what all the ingredients are - no crazy chemicals.  Like tortilla chips should have corn, oil and salt for ingredients.  Organic when possible.  So far I can't get my buddy to give up store bought snacks.  He's not into my home made muffins, crackers or bread.  Within a week of the diet change, he had a healthy poop.  And they have all been healthy poops since then.  (except for when he was so scared at the sleep study that he had diarrhea, but that's a whole 'nother issue)

And then last night after dinner, the girls were in the bathroom and my buddy came up to me and signed "potty".  At first I dismissed him thinking he just wanted to start trouble with the girls.  Then I saw what can only be described as the 'poop face' and I asked him if he wanted to poop on the potty.  Well, my buddy said yes, so we rushed to the potty and wouldn't you know he pooped on the potty!  Oh the happy song and dance we did was legendary.

I love when peer pressure works in your favor.  Rara has been potty training herself - saying poopoo when she has to go and once in a while actually doing it on the little potty.  I've been talking to my buddy letting him know he could do just like she does and tell me when he has to go.  He wanted to sit on the little potty just like rara - of course his 5 year old tush is way to big for that but he was OK using the big potty. 

I know the potty training road will be long with my buddy.  But this was such a huge milestone for him.  No poop has ever made me prouder!

Enough poop.

Onto the Holidays!

my favorite tradition - chopping down the tree

hovered over the iPad after tub. no one wants to be too far away from the pack.

winter wonderland

I just came out from putting the little ones to bed while big sis played on the iPad.  She greeted me with, "I just learned how to say 'poop' in sign language."  I guess we all have poop on the brain.

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