January 24, 2014


When you hear about a parent losing a child - especially someone you knew - it really puts things into perspective.  It makes you hug your children just a little tighter.  Wait longer before you nag them again to get moving.  Focus on their smiles rather than their frowns.  Be grateful for every little moment you have together.

I've been working on gratitude this year.  I started a challenge to take a picture of one thing each day that I am grateful for.  I post them on Instagram with a hashtag just for me so I can scroll back through the photos and see the wonderful parts of my life.  It helps me complain less and appreciate more.

With my mom in town, life is easier.  The mornings are smoother and we get to school early.  I dropped off the kids at school the other morning without rara and on my way out the principal commented on how an extra set of hands can make such a difference and how I was smiling and laughing.  How do I usually look in the morning?  I can only imagine the look on my face after feeding 3 kids, packing 2 backpacks, getting 2 kids dressed and teeth brushed, breathing treatment for 1 and getting them all out the door by 8:20am.  It usually feels like I just completed a marathon.  But I don't want to be remembered as the mom who never smiled when she brought her kids to school.  I think I need to find something to be grateful for in the mornings.

Today I am grateful for all the little things...

puzzles with Nana

how excited and silly she gets waiting for big sis to get off the bus

her gentle way

snuggling all of them under a blanket

in the car with her best friend

sibling love

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