February 6, 2014

little things

The big kids had an all school assembly where they paraded around, each class a different country, and had a little Olympics opening ceremony.  My buddy's kindergarten class made a little song for The Mitten story and performed.  My buddy was amazing - following right along with the other kids and doing his part perfectly.

I was sitting close to his class, so after the performance, he sat with rara and I.  The dad who was sitting next to me went on and on about how his son loves my buddy and talks about him all the time.  It was so nice to hear.  I never know what other kids think of my buddy.  I worry that my buddy is a distraction in the classroom and wonder if other kids might be upset that my buddy gets to play ball after he finishes his morning work instead of staying in his seat and practicing sight words.

Whenever my buddy gets to do something that I wouldn't allow big sis to do, she becomes upset.  I try and explain that my buddy is different than her and there are some situations he doesn't do well in so he gets to do special things. Her response every time is, "He is not different."  Guess I taught her too well.

he was an owl

the country of Sweeden

Lately I've been really inspired by a family in my home town that lost their 7 year old son.  Seems like an odd thing to be inspired by.  But this mom.  She is amazing.  She is carrying around this unimaginable grief yet she shares stories about her son so we can all feel like we knew him.  She is strong for her other two children and her husband.  She is gracious and constantly thanks others for their support.  I hope never to know that kind of grief, but if I do, may I be half as inspiring as her.

While I can't really imagine things like Newtown, I can imagine your child having a severe illness and passing away from it.  I keep their family in my thoughts and in my heart.  Every day, I hold my children just a little tighter grateful for every moment we get to spend together.

This week we had 2 snow days and a late opening .  In the past this would have sent me into a pity party, but instead we made the best of it - cooking, playing and being together.  It's never all sunshine and unicorns but we did our best to enjoy each other.

she especially loves running away when I am trying to get her dressed

Valentine fun

eating copious amounts of uncooked granola

TMNT jammies and an attempt to get a "great" picture of him

my mom channeled her inner Maria VonTrapp and made capes etc out of kids old curtains

a place to vroom trucks

unrequested hugs are the best kind

I wonder about my kids future but I also put a lot of effort into making their now happy and fulfilling.  This life we live is short.  Do something every day that makes you smile.  Take pleasure in life's little things.

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