February 24, 2014


I used to love magazines. I'd check the mail and there was a shiny new magazine just bursting with ideas. I would read it cover to cover and love every bit. Then I had kids. I ran out of time and let my subscriptions die off. But then my mom found a great deal and there was that fund raiser.  Suddenly magazines are back in my life.

Now, I hate magazines. They make me feel like a terrible mom, unhealthy eater, noncrafty and generally lazy.  Not to mention the fact that none of their brilliant child centered ideas would ever work for my buddy.  Like in order to get a bit of quiet you just, "Hand your child a bell and see of he can walk across the room without making a noise.  If you hear the bell ding, he has to come back to the starting line and begin again."  HA! In my house it would be more like, "Ring bell as loud as possible while laughing hysterically and spinning in circles. When that doesn't get enough attention, hit sisters on head with bell producing louder ding and cries."

My buddy would never fall for the good ol' "tempt your picky eater with our happy face veggie bagel." If it doesn't look like something he has ever seen before then he isn't touching it. Rara would think it was fun to pull apart, but she isn't eating it either.

Why on earth would I ever want to make my own stamps so I can create one of a kind wrapping paper.  Hello?! Wrapping paper just gets thrown away.

So I will rip out some fun crafts that big sis will enjoy and I will stop feeling bad about myself and recycle the rest. And if you really want to make my life Real Simple please include a maid and/or chef with every subscription.

Now for some pictures:

just chit chatting after the others went to bed

he says "iPad head" meaning he wants to play with a blanket on his head.

snuggle time

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