February 16, 2014


It is amazing watching a child learn how to talk. Rara's language is blossoming. It is easy, joyful and logical. She strings 2-3 words together making observations like "Dada's shirt" and "my baby". It is so cute, I have a hard time resisting her requests with that adorable little voice.

she loves when she gets her hands on a pen

Of course as I watch rara learn to talk, I realize that my buddy's struggle to communicate is so much more than just being able to say the sounds and make them into words.  I haven't been able to put my finger on exactly what it is. When you ask him a question, you are more likely to have him repeat the last word of the question than to actually answer it.  Sometimes he shouts, "Mama" and when I say, "What do you want?", he often just puts his head down unable to answer me.  Maybe my buddy thinks I know what he is thinking or that by just calling my name he will get what he wants.  I have no idea.

My buddy cannot be described as quiet but at the same time, he doesn't go out of his way to try and talk.  I can't really explain how he is.  I thought it was just a straight up delay in talking, but just like in the past, I underestimated the effect of that extra chromosome.  I don't fully understand how language progresses, but after watching rara closely, I can see that my buddy is progressing in a much different way.

I still have high hopes that one day he will be able to have full conversations with me.  Until then, I will have to try and understand him as best I can.

We've had a couple of snow days and now are in the midst of a long weekend.  Even though big sis was behaving as a teenager in the past, she's come around and we've had some fun.  We've all been enjoying spending the extra time together.  I know these days of childhood are short and some day I will look back with longing so I am really trying to embrace the time we have. 

yes, I feel as tired as I look!

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