March 29, 2014


Our new school system has been really great. They created a day built for my buddy - morning kindergarten, work with Special Ed Teacher, lunch, and afternoon preschool. Since my buddy has an October birthday, he's one of the youngest in his kindergarten class and oldest in his preschool class. Even with a program designed for him - allowing him plenty of time to meet with all his therapists and play, my buddy has had a really tough year.

My buddy has his good days, but the usual for him is not that great. Most days there are times in the day where he throws himself down, refusing to do anything. I've had to go into his class for pickup because he refuses to walk out of the building. The school is working with a behaviorist and has implemented a reward system. So far it is helping. But we all know if he has a day where he drags his stubborn heels in the sand, there is nothing anyone can do.

His resistance to participate and cooperate is limiting what he is learning. It frustrates me and I'm sure it frustrates my buddy. My buddy has sleep apnea and rarely gets into a deep REM sleep. We head to the Pulmonologist soon and he will get a CPAP machine for home. The good news is he responded really well in the sleep study when he was hooked up to the machine. My dream for my buddy is that sleeping better and deeper will make a world of difference for his school day.

We've come to the decision that next year the best place for my buddy will be in the full day kindergarten program. Technically, it is considered holding him back because he is officially enrolled in kindergarten this year. I never envisioned my buddy repeating a year of school, but I am realistic enough to know that pushing him into first grade next year would not be in his best interest. He's had one foot in two different grades this year and we learned that my buddy fits in better with the preschoolers. He will get so much more from a full day of kindergarten next year.

Just like with all the other obstacles we face with my buddy, it's disappointing when he doesn't leap over them with ease. It's just another reminder that he is driving his own car and we are just along for the ride. I'm fairly certain his car is a Monster Truck, smashing and crushing as it slowly gets to the finish line.

On a side note, our backyard is half ice flow half mud. It makes for interesting times that require a full load of laundry when we come inside. Oh and we are still waiting for some sunshine.

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