March 4, 2014

Moms are amazing

I just want to send some love to all the moms out there. I think you all are amazing. We make magic happen. Pain disappears with just one kiss. Hearts grow with one warm smile. Fear disappears with a tight embrace.

We all are amazing. We play Candyland (which is SO boring). We read the same book a gazillion times. We stay up all night with a sick child and still manage to make our magic happen the next day. We do the same silly thing over and over just to hear that belly laugh. When our 6 year old assures us she sings "just like Elsa" (she doesn't) we smile.

Sure, we may have our moments. Those afternoons when we pop the kid in front of a screen of one sort or another just so we can sneak a sliver of peace. Hiding in the kitchen with a cup of tea and a cookie. That time we yelled just a little too loud.

All those days we feel like we are failing them.  We are wrong.

Our kids remember the safety of our arms. How happy they felt when we laughed together. How we share their excitement and learned about the things they love. We became experts in construction equipment or sports fans or learned all the words to Let It Go. They remember how they felt our love when we rubbed their back or tousled their hair.

Our kids love us just the way we are. Our kids see our beauty. Moms are magical.

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