April 29, 2014

breaking point

While we were leaving the doctor's office recently, I saw a mom break down in tears. When we first arrived, I noticed a child trying to flee only wearing her undies and saw her mom beg her, "not today." I thought nothing of it. I've seen all sorts of doctor's room antics from my buddy. On our way out, I saw the same child, now fully clothed, in the hallway shouting and hitting the doctor. The mom then fell to her knees, sobbing. She had reached her breaking point. Part of me wanted to abandon my sick child and toddler, run to her and hug her telling her it would be alright.

The image stuck with me. How hard some days can be with children who demand more of you. How that breaking point is higher than you imagined, but it is still there. It takes so little to offset the delicate balance you've created to help your child navigate this confusing world. I wish I could help every mother and child out there. And some days, I merely wish I could help myself. I wish there was some way to approach a stranger in public who is struggling and make them see that I really do understand. That they are not alone. Some times all it takes is just knowing that you are not alone.

We had a wonderful visit from my brother, sister in law and niece. I wish we lived closer and I could see him more. Neither of us are great at talking on the phone but in person we always have fun. Plus I got my hands on his baby for the first time. Big sis was gaga over the baby and rara has asked about her multiple times since she left. Every time my buddy comes home from being out, he asks for Uncle - probably because Uncle pushes way higher in the swing than Mommy.

This weekend brought some down time. We discovered a raccoon lives in a tree in our backyard so we decided to go on an early morning drive to look for more animals- and it was an excuse for me to use my new camera and stalk some barns in my pajama pants. And, just like always, we enjoyed a personal concert by Daddy. The kids love when he plays his guitar.

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