May 2, 2014


Today I am ignoring most of my life. I am pretending my birthday didn't start at 2am with me sitting in big sis's puke. I'm choosing to ignore the plague that is working its way through my house for the 4th time this year - with still a few victims left to go. Pay no attention to the pages of questions I had to answer that basically pointed out all my buddy's weaknesses.

My mountains of warm laundry will become sand beaches. The needy children will be amusing monkeys in a tropical rain forest. And I suppose while I am at it, let's make this my 24th birthday.

Here are some of the highlights of my week:

Her love of books and how she can silently read to herself.

My buddy feeling good enough to get off the couch and play his beloved iPad.

Uggs and her eyes.

Outside - airplanes in the sky, the joy of discovering and tire swings.

What are you pretending today?

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