June 18, 2014


When I do think about Down syndrome, I tend to think how it affects my life. Sometimes I want to bring the kids somewhere or to an after school activity but we can't because my buddy just can't handle it. I wish I could have a conversation with my buddy. I dream about a day when I don't have to constantly redirect and micro manage him.

Then little things happen that shift my perspective and make me think about how my buddy feels. One of the reports from school talked about when the directions became more complicated or the task asked of him was complex, he would become distracted and stop trying to answer the questions. I've seen him do this many times. I had always assumed that he just didn't want to do whatever it was, so he moved on. Their interpretation was that my buddy didn't understand what was asked of him so he shut down. It must be so hard to have people asking you to do something and just not getting it.

Then there is rara. She is 3.5 years younger than him and she is mastering milestones without even trying. My buddy has to work so hard at every little thing. She will pick something up in a week that we have been working on for a year. It makes me appreciate just how hard he has it sometimes.

My buddy always does better one on one. Whenever possible, whether it's grandparents or we split up on the weekends, we try and give him some alone time (and it gives the girls a break to do things on their time line). I had the pleasure of taking my buddy to the library last weekend while the girls enjoyed some Daddy time.

And last but not least. The joys of a boy in a muscle shirt. You're welcome.

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