June 23, 2014

slow summer

My friend's been using the term 'slow summer' and I thought that sounded like a great idea. Now that school is out we don't have to fit in all the fun on the weekends. We can take our time. So often I find myself saying, "hurry up." I'm fairly certain I micromanage so much of the kids days. I need to step back and let them be. So this summer I vow to linger and find low key activities everyone enjoys. Lots of time in the backyard. Small excursions when we need to be out and about. Let the kids get dirty and be kids. Bonus is it gives me time to practice photography!

Slowing down to explore the (overgrown) garden and for me to memorize little faces.

Slowing down to climb and laugh at the park.

We took a walk on the path by the river today. I let the kids linger as long as they wanted - not hurrying them along. They spent 45 minutes throwing and collecting rocks. Shoes were soaked. Faces, hands and knees were covered in dirt. Everyone smiled.

Slow down and enjoy your summer!

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