June 9, 2014


Tomorrow is my buddy's PPT and Annual Review. He'll be 6 in October so per state guidelines, he needs to be classified in order to continue to receive special education. They've been testing him and I've been reading the testing results. I understand why it needs to be done and I am grateful that his results allow him to continue to receive the support he needs at school. At the same time, I have to read over and over about all the things my buddy can't do and what age level he performs at.

I am well aware of my buddy's limitations. There are moments every day when I am faced with things he can't do or handle. But for the most part, I don't focus on that. We celebrate his accomplishments - like how he is learning to read. Unfortunately, as his mom, I strive to make him happy and healthy - not always pushing him as hard as I probably should.

Some days I wish for a crystal ball that could tell me where to push and where to back off. My buddy still mostly parallel plays with his peers. He engages his sisters at home but only for short periods of time. I'm not super social and haven't made any new friends since we've moved. Have I held his socialization back? Do I adapt my behavior to suit him more than I should?

I am no stranger to reading reports and having discussions about my buddy's current level of intellect or physical ability. It hasn't gotten any easier. It always stings for a few days, then life goes back to normal.


We had a fun weekend. The kids played with a home made race track, splashed in some water and were spoiled by their great grandparents.

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