August 4, 2014


Sometimes you hear something and it just sits so heavy on your heart. There is an Australian couple who were so desperate for a child that they hired a surrogate. The news that she was carrying twins was joyous. Then the news came that one of the twins had Down syndrome. The couple asked the surrogate to abort one twin which would risk the life of the other. Ultimately, the surrogate refused and the Australian couple only took the 'typical' twin home with them abandoning the baby with Down syndrome.

Is having a child like mine such a horrific thing that you would risk your chance of having any children? Will my buddy ever really be accepted in society?

I worry all the time about my buddy being teased and bullied. I hate that big sis is now two grades above him instead of one. She was supposed to be his protector. I worry that my buddy will never be able to talk and I will never get inside his head. I want to know what he is thinking and feeling.

Land Shark

Sometimes I think about my buddy having to sleep with the CPAP machine his whole life. How will he ever go on a sleepover? Would he even get invited on a sleepover? Will my buddy be more interested in making friends as he gets older or will his sisters be his only true friends?

But I want most of all is for people to know that my buddy is perfect. Life might be easier if he were different, but easier isn't better. I don't want anyone's pitying glances when he is melting down in public. Every day I whisper in his ear, "You are perfect just the way you are." And I mean it with my whole heart - chocolate face and all.

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  1. don't worry too much, my dear. trust me, he will be more than fine!
    ps, him learning sign language could help with the communication thing. i've met so many children with down syndrome who weren't able to talk, and for them using sign language - it changed their lives! and the lives of their parents.
    all my love,