August 22, 2014


We survived a 3 day vacation to Maine. I use the term vacation loosely. Eating out in restaurants went better than expected. Sleeping through the night was much worse than expected. A 2 year old and car seat covered in puke ended the trip early by half a day. Our one full day there was rainy and cold, of course. The car ride was too long for 4 of us. But the last day was so beautiful. I wish I cold have spent more time taking pictures. Here are some shots I managed to get in.

I've been laying low since we came home. Appreciating our routine. Anticipating the changes that will happen once school starts again. Every time I clean something or somewhere, the kids are drawn to it like magnets. But watching them all play together is worth the mess they make.

My focus once the big kids are back in school is to start training this goofus. I was hoping she would be this perfectly behaved dog all on her own. Clearly that is not going to happen. I'm researching my options and deciding if I like consequences for bad behavior or rewards for good behavior or both. As much as I don't want to train her and she generally makes me insane, I know that once she is trained properly she will be easier to live with.

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