November 24, 2014


Things have been fairly quiet around here lately. Well, maybe not quiet but not explosive either. We had an awesome visit from Nana. She washed every dish I made dirty and showered the kids with attention. My buddy had great behavior at school the days Nana was here - they said he seemed so calm and focused in the mornings. Every morning when I was leaving to bring the big kids to school, rara would ask, "I stay here with Nana?"If I could afford to buy them the house next door, I would in an instant.

A dusting of snow covered the ground and the kids loved it. I'm still working on finding hats and mittens and boots - a scramble every year. I like to pretend that winter is not coming and I just end up unprepared.

Still wearing her Elsa hat with a mouthful of different sized teeth.

New glasses ... in desperate need of a new hat! I may have to invent one that keeps ears warm and doesn't interfere with the glasses ability to stay upon a nose.

Some quiet afternoons playing inside when the weather turned cruelly cold. They love playing in the girl's huge closet with flashlights.

Big sis decided to be a dog so rara followed suit.

Monkey see, Monkey do (new tripod and remote - the girls wanted to take each other's picture)

I wanted to try out the new equipment too.

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