October 31, 2014


Halloween is a grand holiday. Nothing but fun and sugar. Halloween 6 years ago was a roller coaster of emotions. My buddy was still in the hospital after his birth - on oxygen. No one knew why or how long it would take. He had his first trip in an ambulance to a children's hospital to see if they could find something out. Halloween was quickly approaching and a toddler big sis needed a costume but I just didn't have it in me to even think about it. My mom was helping out so she took big sis shopping. Then finally, on Halloween afternoon, my buddy got the OK and we high tailed it on home. It was such a happy moment to walk in our house with my buddy.

Our first few Halloweens were fun. My buddy used the hand me down lion costume when he was 1 and big sis picked out a bigger lion costume so they could be matching.

Then came the time when my buddy 'should' have been old enough to pick out his own costume. But he can't/won't/doesn't care. There are so many costumes that he won't wear because they are uncomfortable. It was just another reminder of how he is different.

I would try and pretend I was my buddy and think of an idea he would have come up with himself. But I must say, they were uninspired.

But this year we rocked Halloween. I was never so excited to send him to school.

I asked the kids to run towards me. At first big sis refused to run because "blue dress Elsa is 21 years old and she doesn't just run around for fun." Then I finally convinced her to run for me and her competitive side came out. I love the face she made while shoving all younger siblings out of her way.

Happy Halloween!!!

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