February 27, 2015

one person

I just found out today that my buddy's para will be starting a new job after next week. She is amazing and deserves to have a great job, but oh how we will miss her. The school tried in the beginning of the year to have another para take over half the day so my buddy didn't get to used to one person. My buddy was having none of it. His para is magical with him.

I love how just one person can make a difference. When my buddy sees her, his whole face lights up. He shouts her name and runs into her arms. I'm sure it will be a rough transition for him, but his life will be full of rough transition. I feel lucky that my buddy had her by his side for the last year and a half.

Everyone's been sick around here and the husband has been travelling almost the whole month. My parents were great and came to help out, but nights are all me. So I'm a bit tired and having a hard time finishing thoughts so I'll let some pictures do the talking for me.

Mr. Congestion turned into a sinus infection.

When GramPa first came we enjoyed a few healthy days.

The pure joy of playing with something that is usually off limits.

"Let me in - it's freezing out here."

Enjoying the few days that Daddy was home.

I want to bottle the cuteness.

What sick days look like. Messy. Lots of screen time.

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