June 4, 2015

feeling off

Lately big sis has been feeling off. Reacting to little things in a big way. Lots of tears. We've all had a cold, but even though she is feeling better, this mood seems to have clung to her tightly. Big sis feels things deeply. I don't think she cares for change. It takes her so long to feel comfortable and the end of the school year means she will be leaving the classroom that has been her home away from home. Big sis loves her teacher and her confidence has bloomed. She's not able to articulate all these deep emotions, so it comes out in all the little things.

Today I let her have a mental health day. We went to the park, ran an errand and played in the backyard. We colored and played babies. We snuggled on the couch. I know that I cannot change how she is wired but I really hope that I can show her how to take care of herself when she is starting to feel down.

Meanwhile, my buddy has been blowing me out of the water. I always knew he would read. I never expected him to know all of the kindergarten sight words while he was in kindergarten. I always knew he would do math. I never expected him to meet the kindergarten goal of counting to 100 while in kindergarten. I say all the time that my buddy can do anything he wants to... he just usually doesn't want to.

Then there's this little rara. She is just a couple of handful of days away from turning 3. She has mastered potty training. She is hysterical. She is trouble. She doesn't believe in napping but often wakes before the crack of dawn and just can't keep herself awake all day.

Rara loves dogs more than just about anything. Even when they steal the trampoline.

If the dog would stay still, rara would spend all day here. It's her favorite warm cozy place to be.

She refuses to let me pull her hair out of her face. I feel like the world must look like this to her:

On a side note: The adults have gotten the killer cold from the kids. Michael is on the upswing but just the other day while he was travelling, he sneezed while tying his shoe and threw his back out. I *may* have called him old and laughed a bit at his expense. But have no fear. Karma knows what she is doing. I've been sneezing and coughing and spent a good chunk of the night holding my buddy. This morning I woke up with a little pinch around my shoulder blade. Now I'm in full Quasimodo hunch and heading for the heating pad right now. Well played karma.

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