June 14, 2015


My little rara has turned three. She's taken the leap from toddlerhood into a preschooler. I didn't know what our family was missing until she joined us. Rara is half sweet and half feisty. She NEVER backs down and stands up for herself with ease and confidence. My buddy has been known to lose his mind now and again. Most people back off when that happens. Not rara. She gets right in his face and screams at him, "No! Bad! Boy!"

Rara has a thing for arms. She holds on and rubs your arms like she is a kitten. She loves to nestle her hand in your elbow pit. (Is that even a body part or did I just make that up?) She loves to be close but lacks the ability to sit still. Most of the time it makes me a little bonkers, but I know some day I will miss how she would beg to sit in your lap then just wriggle and squirm until you can't stand it another second.

More than anything, rara loves all dogs. Really anything that has to do with dogs. Or the color red. We must pet every dog we come across. She carries her black stuffed dog all over the place. She gets so excited when anything at all has a dog on it - greeting cards, shirts, even a bag of dog food.

I didn't know that a three year old could have such a strong opinion about things. I also forgot that you could have the most entertaining conversations with a three year old. Rara really is fun to be around. I love the quiet days we have together and how she will chat on and on about anything.

If I had to choose a career based on rara now, I'd go with either veterinarian or daredevil. I hope her spunk never disappears and that it's always covered in a sprinkle of sweetness.

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