August 24, 2015

hello again

I unintentionally stopped writing this summer. It was a bit of a challenging summer with an insane amount of fighting between all the kids. I home schooled my buddy almost every day. We made attempt number two at potty training and are back in pull-ups - so that's how that went. There was a week of summer camp and then summer school. Every day seemed so long, but it all went by relatively quickly.

Here are a few of the highlights of summer and hopefully I will be back to writing soon.

tushies in bathing suits

sun dresses (and the Special Olympics medal she wears all the time)

rock throwing

inflatable pool in the backyard

mismatched outfits and favorite dolls

adventures with the whole family

convincing the hubby to take some pictures together (even if I don't love any of them)

no glasses!!!!! (the highlight of the summer for sure)

rare photo of her smiling (and not scowling at me)

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