August 31, 2015

the other day

The other day I shouted and every little thing made me mad. The other day I made excuses for why I was being so mean. The other day I went to bed hating how I behaved. I worried all night that you would remember the worst part of me and forget the best part of me.

Today I want to talk to you about being human and feeling all these feelings. How some days it's hard not to act like a jerk. How you can see yourself acting like a jerk and not be able to stop. I want to talk about emotions and how difficult they can be to control.

But I don't have the answers. In fact, I may change my mind tomorrow. Being a human is complicated. Trying to figure out how to be your best while raising little humans to be their best is extra challenging. 

Today I will work on my nice skills. Talking to you the way I wish you would talk to me. Listening a little closer. Finding things to make me smile. Doing my best to erase the other day. Because part of being human is to forgive. While I'm sure you've already forgiven me, I still need to forgive myself.

None of us are perfect and some days we're not even on the same page. But we are in this crazy life together.

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