April 6, 2010


I realized lately, that there are hours... even days when the words "my son had Down syndrome" don't even cross my mind.  I think the biggest impact is the fact that he is walking.  Our physical therapy is lots of walking and he does that all on his own.  No more setting aside time and the guilt of missing a day.  Just yesterday, I let him out of the stroller and let him walk around the waiting room of the eye doctor's.

Of course my buddy wants to walk where he wants to and refuses to hold my hand.  If I stop him from going a certain way, he plops down, makes an unpleasant noise, and signs "no".  I'm sure that stubborn streak will haunt me.

My buddy seems just like any other soon-to-be 18 month old kid.  He laughs, plays, walks, interacts with kids, waves "hello" to everyone, cries, hugs, communicates, and loves.  He is fun to be around and keeps me on my toes.  I was writing in his baby book today and he knows 16 different signs.  He gets his point across and that is all that matters.

I used to search for the silver lining in all of this.  I think the silver lining is my buddy.  As the days pass, it gets easier and easier and so much more fun.  I am excited to see who he turns out to be.

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  1. Does he do floppy legs? If I am trying to walk with Johanna somewhere she doesn't want to go, she just lets her legs go limp and flops down, so I end up having to half drag/half carry her everywhere (usually while her baby brother is hanging in a carrier from my other shoulder). It drives me nuts!!!