April 12, 2010


I just need to mention the joy of walking.  My buddy is fast becoming a pro.  It has been the most surprisingly enjoyable milestone to date.  He no longer walks with his arms high in the air.  They now swing about waist level.  He has this really wide stance and a swagger as well.  My buddy looks like a munchkin cowboy.  For some reason it just cracks me up.

Today we went for a walk.  The first part was Mommy's exercise time - pushing a double stroller.  Then as we rounded the corner to the portion of the path that goes nice and flat by the pond, the kids got out.  Monkey bear ran ahead and would shout, "I am so far away!" then run back to us.  My buddy swaggered along thrilled with the freedom.  He actually listened when I asked him to stay on the path.  There were a few stumbles, but no major falls.  My buddy walked farther than I could imagine and his cheeks were rosy from the exertion.

It was pure bliss. 

While I am on the topic of joy, can I just say how fun it is to watch your kids play together?  Monkey bear is the most patient 2 year old I have ever seen.  She will build a tower and just laugh when my buddy comes barreling through.  She turns toys on for him and gets him things he can't reach.  She always shares her snacks and tells him, "I love you my buddy". 

And the smile he gets on his face when she enters the room.  Forget Mommy and Daddy, all he wants is his monkey bear.

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  1. Elena, this is just so sweet. You have such a gift for storytelling. I love how much pleasure you get from the experience of being their mother.