November 10, 2010

baby steps

After more than a year and countless dollars spent on sippy cups that didn't fit the bill, we have found a cup my buddy can use.  So the cup was designed for babies 6 months old.  At least he's not walking around with a bottle sticking out of his mouth.  The cup also has spouts designed for babies 9 months old.  Baby steps.  Here we come!!

I did learn something about my buddy and how he drinks.  He still swallows with his tongue out - much like an infant who is latched or drinking out of a bottle.  I tried to drink with my tongue out ... it's not all that easy.  So I can empathize with how difficult it will be for him to learn. 

I was reminiscing the other night about when my buddy was little.  I would try so hard to get him to laugh.  I'd pull out all the stops and he would stare at me like I was insane.  Now he thinks everything is so funny.  It's such an amazing stage.  I make a face, add a noise, and he is hysterical.  His whole face lights up without and trace of self consciousness.

My buddy has also brought it upon himself to be the ambassador of happiness.  Wherever we are, he catches the attention of any adult he can, says "Iiiiiiiiiii", and waves with a huge smile on his face.  No one can resist.  There is not a single person we have encountered that doesn't smile back and give a hearty, "Hi!" usually followed up with a, "He is so cute!".

Why yes he is.

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