November 29, 2010


You know it's time to get away when your 3 year old doesn't know what a 'babysitter' is.  So off I go to an adult matinee for a break from the kids and some girl time with my BFF.  (And, no, monkey bear still doesn't know what a babysitter is because she was home with Daddy.)

Sitting behind us were two women.  Once the previews began, one of them started making comments way too loud.  After a few minutes it became clear that she has some sort of intellectual disability and was there with her mom.  As the movie begins - that would be the R movie with a lot of adult content - I get more and more uncomfortable hearing the questions from the daughter.  You can tell the mom had no idea what the movie was about and is trying to figure out what to do.  At one point the daughter said, "I'm 20 years old, I am old enough to see this." 

After about 10 minutes the mom talks the daughter into leaving.  It's funny how you go somewhere to "get away" and there is always something to bring you back home again.  Lately, I feel like I've been only getting reminders of the negative side of Down syndrome.  Stories about behavioral issues in school, kids wandering off, and reminders that even as a 20 year old adult, there are still concerns.

Today that changed.  I got a call from my cousin who has a friend that just had a baby with Down syndrome.  Her friend is deep in the grief stage.  I can remember how that feels.  But I am also privileged with loving a two year old with Down syndrome.  The fear and grief is gone.  It's replaced with a love that is beyond what words can describe.  As cliche as it sounds, there really is something magical in my buddy that wouldn't be there without that extra chromosome. 

I am thankful that Down syndrome has touched my life.  I will never be the same and anyone who is open to love my buddy will be changed by him.  Monkey bear will be a better person.  The rewards greatly outweigh the cost.

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