November 6, 2010


I have never been very good at making a decision.  Especially those that will effect others.  I am relieved that monkey bear chooses her own clothes - even if she makes quite a fashion statement.  I even let her dress my buddy just so there is one less decision to be made.  Children come with countless daily choices.  What should I feed them, do they need a coat, should we skip nap today, are they getting sick... the list goes on and on.

When faced with a major life choice, I am stuck with fear of choosing wrong.  Which is funny because I think that most choices can work out in the end.  It just takes you down a different path, not necessarily a bad path.  I fear disappointing others and forcing the ones I love to join me along that path even though they might have chosen to go a different way.

I am still gathering information in hopes that the light will suddenly appear and trying my hardest to listen to that voice inside of me.


  1. Listening to that inner voice is a gift that comes with somewhat advanced age and life's accrued experiences. There is much value in gathering information and you will find even greater value in hearing that voice and knowing that it is leading you in your true direction. Keep trying to hear that voice. Keep trusting that you can and will make the best choices. You will find that your inner voice and your instincts have always been true to you.

  2. We're only human to have this fear of choosing wrong or that our choices will disappoint others but what a gift it is for us to have choices! You may not realize this but you are a strong person and that you have the capacity to choose what is right for you and your family. Listen to your inner voice and your instincts, whatever path that this decision takes you, you will appreciate that you've taken a stance. I've tried to teach my children that we all have choices & with these choices there are consequences that only we can determine if it's good or bad. Go with what makes you feel content.