July 26, 2012

milestones revisited

My buddy is growing like a weed.  Every time I look at him it's like he grew a foot taller.  His baby face is gone and he's all little boy now.  He keeps growing out of everything - including his current cloth diaper.  I've been looking into cloth diapers for bigger kids.  I found one that has an extender tab so it can be used for larger kids as well.  I thought this was a great option because then after he is potty trained, I could use the diaper without tabs for rara.

Then it hits you.  He may not be potty trained before rara.  He may not speak before rara.  My buddy is 3 1/2 years older than rara and before I know it she will be accomplishing things that my buddy will still struggle with.  I wonder what the first milestone is that she will hit before he does.  Will rara feel guilty about doing things her older brother cannot? 

It's been a long time since I've thought about milestones.  My buddy has been learning a lot - letters, colors, letter sounds.  He amazes me with what he knows and what he can "tell" me without having the words.  I guess having your baby sister surpass you is just another chapter in life with Down syndrome.

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