October 24, 2013

a wordy one

My buddy had his 5 year old check up a few days ago.  The doctor said his results for Celiac were off and he should see a specialist.  I was preparing to alter his diet and gathering information.  Out of all the possible things to come out of his blood work, Celiac was the least of my concerns.  As long as the doctor never says, "leukemia," I can handle it.  I've also had ongoing concerns about his poop and gas (to put it bluntly).  I thought that maybe this was the answer.

We take the time off from school, drag rara with us and head to the specialists office where she promptly tells us he does not have Celiac.  I was relieved, of course.  Completely changing the way he eats would have taken a toll on my buddy and me.  And he would have to be aware for the rest of his life.  But part of me felt bummed.  The GI dr said the same thing our old doctor said - could be the fruit in his diet.  I tried to take him off fruit for a couple of weeks, but it was so hard when he begged me for some grapes or a banana.  And I would run out of things to feed him.  We were also living in the camper then, so maybe I'll give it another try.

But then I had another thought... maybe 5 year old boys with healthy appetites don't go well with diapers.  Maybe if he went on the potty, I wouldn't even notice.  I feel like there are so many more things to worry about with my buddy and since he can't tell me if his belly hurts or not, I have to play this guessing game. 

On a side note.  Rara, at 16 months, told me she had to poop and then actually did it on the potty!!!!  Go rara but, like with a lot of milestones, it's a kick to the gut when you think about my buddy.  I think that's enough poop stories.  Bring on some pictures...

he loves to push his new glasses up into his hair leaving him looking like Nick Nolte

she loves to sit on the potty just kicking her feet... for what feels like hours

Big sis broke my heart the other night.  I had put her to bed and was washing some dishes when she came out crying.  After she composed herself enough to talk, she told me the story of her bracelet.  A few days ago she wore her bracelet that Paige made her to school.  J wanted to wear it, so big sis being the incredibly nice person, let her.  J wore it home even though she promised she would give it back at the end of the day.  J forgot to bring it back for the next 3 days.  Then she brought it in, but gave it to L.  Big sis said something to J who claims it is one that looks like hers, but not actually hers.

Anyway, moral of the story, even though big sis didn't want to give her bracelet away, she did anyway because she's a quiet, people pleaser.  She is to shy to use her strong mean voice or to ask the teacher for help.  I get it.  I am just like her.  I have screamed things inside of my head and never found the courage to get the words out.  I don't know if the other girl is intentionally being mean or is just being a forgetful 6 year old girl.  Either way, my girl ended up in tears.

I was planning on getting her a Rainbow Loom anyway, but you bet your bottom dollar, she got it a lot sooner than she would have otherwise.  I fired up YouTube and got a lesson from a grade schooler with sparkly nail polish and made her a bracelet to help take the hurt away.  And it worked.  I know Mommy's magic will only be good for a limited time, so I'm going to use it as much as possible.

rainbow - because I was obsessed with them as a kid

she told me she feels all better now

Guess I had a lot to say today.  I think I'll quiet down now and end on a cute note.

I love that face.

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