October 9, 2013


I never set out to be one type of parent.  Things I knew about parenting back when I was a nanny are no longer so concrete.  I am different with rara than I was with big sis.  I believe there is no one way to do things, but whatever way works best for your family at this moment in time.

Rara is not a great sleeper.  Her naps are usually too short, she is unable to get herself back to sleep and she really likes to be held and moving to fall asleep.  But rara is my baby.  The last.  So a lot of naps end up looking like this:

sweaters and a sleeping baby... win win

Bis sis had a strict schedule and I sleep trained her.  She is now an excellent sleeper.  My buddy wasn't such a good sleep trainer so I spent a couple of years doing random butt pats at different times in the night.  He is now an excellent sleeper.  They both slept through the night at a young age and gave up breastfeeding around 11 months.

Rara gave up daytime breastfeeding around the same time, but has yet to sleep through the night.  She still nurses a minimum of 4 times a night.  I know many people who think it's time to give it up.  I never intended for the night time milk bar to stay open so long.  But for so many reasons I am not ready to stop. 

I breastfeed her at night because I can climb into her bed and do it laying down while half asleep.  If I don't feed her she will wake 20 minutes later.  I can't seem to summon the energy to let her cry at night.  It's too painful to listen to plus she will wake up the big kids and then everyone will be crabby.

I wish someone could tell me two things. 1) If I continue to feed her all night long, will she just grow out of it one day and sleep all on her own?  2) How long will she cry for and for how many days before she happily sleeps through the night?  Then I could really weigh the pros and cons and make a choice. 

She is such a happy, well adjusted kid during the day.  Rara is easygoing and fun to be around.  Why rock the boat when the boat is happy and cute?  As I see it, the only one losing around here is me and all I am losing is a little (OK a lot) sleep.  I don't know if there is a right or wrong answer, but I know things were so crazy for the past 3 months.  I am happy just to let things be.

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