July 1, 2014


Seven years ago I became a mom. I feel like I've been a mom for so much longer than that yet at the same time it seems like just yesterday when she was born. Big sis is an extraordinary person. She is kind, thoughtful, mature, smart and has an old soul. She loves deeply.

At every stage in her life, people have asked me, "How did you teach her to _____?" My answer has always been, "It is just who she is. She does it all on her own." As a toddler, you told her not to go in a cabinet and she didn't. She taught herself how to read. Compassion comes naturally. She would never dream of running off in the store. Parenting her is easy.

She may look just like her Daddy but she is my shadow. Everywhere I am is just where she wants to be. The only time she acts out is when she hasn't had enough 'Mommy Time', as she calls it. Big sis is naturally cautious and shy. She went through 2 years of PreK never once speaking to a child in her class. Yet she knew everything about them (and exactly what outfit they were wearing).  Having her brother or sister with her makes her feel safer and she is more likely to try new things. The love and patience she has for them is never ending.

Big sis is a one of a kind kid and I am so lucky that she is mine. She makes my heart soar.

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