December 10, 2014


I haven't been in the mood to write lately. I had a whole post in my mind about some little things that were getting me down about my buddy, but they seemed so little. I didn't feel like I had anything significant to say. I blame the weather.

We did manage to get outside and brave the cold over the weekend.

Little rara and I like to hole up in the house as much as possible. I feel like lately there are more and more things to do - tis the season. I may not love having to care for a dog, but I do love their relationship.

I miss seeing his face without glasses. His new sports frames seem to be working out well, but they hide so much of that face which I love.

Big sis could sit in any number of comfy chairs in the house to read, but she would rather be on the hard kitchen floor because it is next to me while I cook dinner.

I've faithfully been taking photos every day. I am up to 67 days of my 365 day project. With the lack of sunshine to light up inspirational photos, I've been forced to get creative with Christmas tree lights and use myself as an uncomfortable model.

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