January 20, 2015

good but icy

We are in this upward swing right now which always makes me nervous. I'm afraid I'll go soft so when it all hits the fan, I won't be prepared. (and it always hits the fan eventually)

My buddy is in a good groove at home. I had a productive conversation with one of his teachers at school. He went to a friend's birthday party over the weekend and actually made it through the entire party with no major incidents. We've had some success using the potty. I'm sure my definition of good and easy are perhaps very different from yours, but where my buddy is concerned, anything short of 'I want to tear my hair out' is a good place to be.

All three kids have been playing happily together for longer periods of time. It's really amazing and I love to watch how they all interact with each other.

The girls had fun one morning with shadow puppets. That's one good thing about winter light - great shadows. Even though it's a shadow, I can see the love on rara's face as she looks up at her daddy.

Our backyard has become an ice rink just as the temperature finally climbed enough so we could play outside. The big kids loved it, but rara wasn't so sure.

While my buddy has been actively seeking out his sister's to play with, he also really loves some time alone to vroom trucks in the living room.

The other day we were going to the grocery store and big sis had both her baby doll and a rather large bag. I reminded her that whatever she carried into the grocery store, she had to carry the entire time. She replied, "I am training to be a Mommy and Mommies have to carry both their babies and big bags."

You know how they say that the third child has no pictures in their baby book. Well the opposite is true here. I cannot help but take picture after picture of this face. The other kids managed to avoid the Mamarazzi that I am now. It makes me a little sad to think about all the pictures I missed taking of them when they were 2.

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