January 15, 2015


Half the school year has gone by and my buddy still has one teacher that doesn't quite get him. Her personality and the way she works clashes with his personality and he's been fighting her daily. So tomorrow I get to have an uncomfortable conversation with her where I very nicely suggest ways she could work differently with him. If that doesn't work then I get to have an even more uncomfortable conversation where I suggest she no longer work with my buddy and we switch teachers.

It's these little battles that unnerve me. I prefer pretending nothing is wrong and keep on keeping on. But I know that where my buddy is concerned that is just not an option. At home he's been good - actually playing more and demanding less iPad time. Of course he still plays rough with his sisters, but there's nothing I can do about that.

I did help school life out by getting a pair of high tops that my buddy can't get off and throw at a moments notice. He hates them and I hate that he can't independently get them on or off, but the school gently suggested that something needed to be done.

We decided it was time to get little rara a big girl bed. Step one is a new mattress and getting her off the futon mattress she's been sleeping on so long. I am looking forward to snuggling her back to sleep if she wakes in the night. And you can see she was super excited too!

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