September 7, 2009



My buddy has been stuffy lately, so in order to help while he sleeps, I propped one end of his mattress up. So now there is a gentle incline in his crib. I put my buddy down for his nap and listened to him make noises for a while. Then I peeked into the video monitor and…

He was sitting up!!!!! I have been working with him for 5 weeks on sitting up from laying down. (along with getting down gracefully)

I spent 10 minutes glued to the video monitor watching him get up and down grinning from ear to ear. He just needed a little boost against gravity. I bet a few days of practice in his bed and he’ll be able to do it on the flat floor.

It’s funny how the little things matter so much more with him. I don’t even recall when or how Monkey bear learned to sit up. All I know is I didn’t teach her. Other kids my buddy’s age are pulling themselves up to stand or even walking, but today that doesn’t matter. He pulled out a new trick all on his own and I couldn’t be more proud.

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