September 19, 2009


Even on the most grumpiest of days (me, not them) my buddy is always there.  Monkey bear seems to feed of my bad moods and gives it right back to me.  But my buddy… he’s a one of a kind.  He is still super chubby and just loves to snuggle.  Lately when I pick him up, he tucks both arms under his body and puts his little head on my shoulder nuzzling in.

Another positive of Down syndrome is the extended baby stage.  My buddy has been in that super cute baby age for a while and I’m guessing he’ll stay there a little longer.  The other day, he was sitting in the curtains playing peekaboo with me.  I didn’t think developmentally he would be able to do that, but there he was peeking out over and over again.

My buddy has the best belly laughs.  Monkey bear just has to look at him and smile and he laughs and laughs at her.  She is the sun about which he revolves.  One can hope as teenagers they will get along about half as good as they do now.

I keep bumping into these stories about the decline of Down syndrome because so many people are choosing to abort when the prenatal diagnosis comes in.  I can’t ever get past the first paragraph.  I wish they could see my buddy and see how he is just a baby looking for love and attention.  Just a little being wanting to be snuggled.

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