September 14, 2009

small taste

I got a small taste of the positive side of Down syndrome recently.  Every milestone for my buddy so far has been reached in very small increments.  One day he can lift his head 20 degrees, the next week it’s 30.  If you see him every day, it’s hard to see how far he has come.

Until now.

My buddy one day was simply commando crawling about and rolling around.  And the next day he could sit up all on his own.  We had been working on this for at least 5 weeks.  I had sort of put it on the back burner while we focused on kneeling to strengthen arms and stomach muscles.  And then like magic, he was sitting up.

He’s been doing it for days, and still I think it’s the cutest thing I ever saw.  I spend so much time watching my buddy push himself right up.  I am just so proud and want to tell everyone I know.  Of course, they don’t really get it.  I wouldn’t have either.  Who knows when monkey bear sat up on her own.  It wasn’t something that got written down in the baby book or photographed.

If just sitting up feels so great, imagine when he can stand on his own or even *gasp* walk.  What so many other parents of children with Ds have said is finally making sense.  My buddy worked so hard to learn this new trick, and will have to work so hard in everything he does, that the rewards are way sweeter.

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