September 30, 2014


When I was 13 I had a master plan on how I could become popular. Step one was to ditch a friend whom we thought was holding us back. To this day, it was the meanest thing I have ever done and I regret it still 26 years later. Step two was to become a cheerleader. I am proud that I actually followed through with the tryouts but I am clearly not cheerleader material. The facts are I was VERY quiet and shy and I looked like this, so popularity was no where in my future.

When I think about raising girls, there are so many things I want them to know. I want them to be true to who they are. They will find friends who love them and in those friends they will belong. Do what inspires you and like minded people will be drawn to you. Being brave isn't about doing what everyone else is doing. It's about listening to that internal voice and doing what is right for you.

I was lucky. I had good friends. Really good friends who would look out for me and who supported me. I was in the marching band, and in those 'geeks' I found my home. A place I loved to be. A place that didn't try and change who I was.

I don't know how to teach these lessons to my girls. They are a little young for the "choose a boy to love because he brings out the best in you" speech but I know when they are old enough to hear it, they won't want to hear it from me. Moms are enemy number one to a teenage girl.

More than anything, I want them to be kind. I want them to know that they are beautiful down to their souls because their hearts are open.

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