September 22, 2014


I want to be that person who wouldn't change a thing about her kids. But, let's face it, that's not reality of life with my buddy. I love him so very much but I wish things were different. He's in another rough place between back to school and having a cold. His behavior is beyond what I am capable of handling right now. He is out of control and I can't help him.

We are mostly home bodies but we love a Fun Family Outing. At this moment in our life, there is no way my buddy could handle a fall fair, truck show or playground grand opening. He couldn't even handle a trip to Target. I will spare you the details but I left with my ears ringing from the screaming and my arms bright red from being slapped over and over. He is just about as strong as me and I know things need to change very soon. 

The good news is that the behaviorist comes to school tomorrow and I will meet with her then as well. And she will come and do a home visit, which I can hopefully arrange soon. I have confidence that he will go back to himself once he feels comfortable at school and more in control of his life. 

Today I am grateful to send him to school and I took rara to our happy place to decompress.

She calls this statue "Teddy" (her name for big sis) and chats her up every time.


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