September 8, 2014


One day, our daily routine will be just a memory. The everyday of this age will be forgotten. I know I can't remember it all, but with the help of my photos, I can remember so much more.

A quiet Saturday:

6:15am cartoons

7:00am breakfast

7:45am yoga

9:00am Mommy's Home!!!

10:15am fresh air vrooming while rara enjoys Daddy time at the library

11:00am fun on the stairs

12:10pm nap time

1:50pm fun in the girl's room

2:45pm last warm summer-like days

4:45pm quiet play while Mommy makes dinner

5:50pm play with Daddy

6:30pm half a movie then bed

Not to misrepresent our life, but I choose to remember the fun happy moments - not when everyone is whining and crying and fighting. I have very few pictures with all the kids playing nicely together because it just doesn't happen that often. In our house, 3 is the magic number for things going badly. I prefer to focus on the good.

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