May 22, 2014


Sometimes the stars align and life feels really good. For me, two important factors are when the husband isn't travelling and when the weather is nice. Fresh air and sunshine can do so much for me. I feel so lucky that we were able to find a house with the indoor space perfect for us that also has an outdoor space we love. Every day after school, we throw the backpacks down and head straight out back.

Even things that would have made me upset, are now really funny. The dog kept chewing on the Rugby ball so I put it up in the play house. This is what happened next:

On beautiful days, I'll grab rara and head out on an adventure. Housework can wait. You never know what you may discover.

Have you ever noticed that when your mood is light, funny things just seem to find you?

The extra added bonus is when you play hard, you nap hard.

Too bad as I write this, the skies have opened and its pouring out. I guess every yin needs its yang.

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