May 28, 2014

high and low

Something I've been noticing about life with my buddy is all those highs and lows. I feel like with the girls, there are behaviors I like and ones I don't care for, but they all fall within a comfortable range. My buddy puts me through super highs and painful lows. It's hard to explain.

Last week the kids had a May Day Dance Celebration. My buddy's teacher has asked me weeks ago if my buddy could be paired up with an adult for the dance because so far he wasn't able to do it with the other kids. The morning of the dance when I dropped my buddy off in his class, a super cute little girls strides up to me and says, "I get to be his dance partner today," Sure enough, she led him around the dance floor and he participated in the whole dance just perfectly - even taking a huge bow at the end. It was amazing and I was almost moved to tears.

Here he is patiently waiting for the dance to begin.

Then that afternoon we headed back to school to watch big sis do her dance. It started off with the afternoon kindergartners doing the same dance my buddy did that morning. As soon as he heard the music, he wanted to join them. We were sitting on the floor in the gym with all the other adults right in front of where the kids were dancing. I had to push rara off my lap and use all my strength to hold my buddy down all while he screamed. We drew attention and I hated every minute of it.

Other kids might whine or complain or be obnoxious but do whatever was expected of them anyway. My buddy will just flat out refuse. I do pushups every day because soon he will be stronger than me. I just hope by then he will be able to stop and listen.


In more exciting news, the weather turned unexpectedly summer-like and rara let me put pig tails in her hair.

The big kids had Field Day at school. They were one day apart - one was 80 and sunny and one was 55 and rainy. We only stayed for a little because rara was pissed that she didn't get to play.

It can be hard, but I need to remember during the lows to breathe deeply and picture something calming:

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