May 14, 2014


If you were up at night with the youngest because she is suffering from the same sore throat as you, then you will both sleep late in the morning. Because you are pressed for time, your oldest will ask you to actually cook breakfast. While cooking breakfast, you will realize that you forgot to pack lunches last night. You will then have to take a few moments to pat yourself on the back because, hello, it's May and the first time you forgot to pack lunches. Since you actually cooked breakfast, you will use up more precious time eating. You will than have to make separate breakfast for the middle child while preparing lunches.

Because you are short on time, middle child will eat a 4 course breakfast in a leisurely manner while the youngest runs around with only her shirt on as a pair of pants. When you finally get youngest dressed, you realize the middle one has poop escaping his diaper. After poop is cleaned, a quick glance at the clock will tell you it is time to leave.

You will look down and realize you are in your pajamas and have not brushed your teeth nor put your contacts in. When you brush your teeth while pulling on some pants, the middle child (whom you asked to get his shoes on) will dump out an entire box of toys. As you get into the car, the oldest child will have twisted her seat belt strap in a manner that needs a bit of time and finesse.

Finally you will reach school and walk down the hallway to the classrooms just as the bell is ringing. You then kiss the oldest goodbye while helping the middle child hang his jacket in his locker. As you turn to put his backpack into the locker, middle child will run off into the first grade class across the hall. You will chase him in there while looking over your shoulder to make sure the littlest is following. Middle child will throw his all into not leaving the classroom. While you squat down looking him in the eyes using your serious voice to try and get him out of there, it will dawn on you that you did nothing this morning to try and conceal the fact that you aren't showered or properly dressed and are trying to discipline your child in front of 2 adults and a room full of children you don't know.

With some help from the para and teacher, middle child will finally end up in his kindergarten class. You will sigh and hightail it out of the school as fast as possible. Then you will ignore the To Do list, grab the camera, dog and littlest to enjoy a walk in the fresh air. You will not forget to breath deeply.

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