July 17, 2014

potty training

I swore to myself that I wouldn't go there. That I would leave my kids with a shred of dignity. But it's all I think about. It consumes most of my day. I can't keep it in anymore. Potty training sucks. I've assembled a few tips and bits of helpful information so you can succeed when it's your turn to enter this black hole.

1. It takes a LONG time for them to give a rats ass if they poop in their pants - even if you followed that expert's fantastic idea of putting on undies UNDER the pullups so they get the sensation of being wet or dirty. 3 pairs of unsalvageable undies later and we've scraped that idea.

2.  All pottying must be done at least 50% naked - preferably 100% naked. (which is OK because some boys will use their shirt to wipe dribbles of pee off their little boy parts)

3.  Toilets must be flushed even if it was just the tiniest dribble of pee. Also toilet paper usage will be exponentially increased while the number of diapers may not decrease for a while.

4.  Setting a timer to go off when it's time to sit on the potty again helps - especially if it sounds like an elephant. You must remember to reset the timer after every attempt or it will do you no good. It's easier to convince little boys to walk to the bathroom than to convince them to pull down their pants themselves and hop on the potty.

5.  It is a guarantee that if you have more than 1 child, the other one will be up to no good while you sit and watch for pee, cheer and help wipe, wash and dress.

I have managed to refrain from taking any pictures of them on the potty so you will have to enjoy these fully clothed pictures instead.

Looking for the horses on our early morning walk.

Racing baby toys on the back deck  and the look of victory when he finally wins,

I let her stay up late if she would pose for me in the garden. I loved capturing her dancing on a rock.

I let big sis use my camera and she took this great one just after rara woke from a nap.

Keeping the humming bird feeder full and clean is time consuming, but worth it.

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